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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

5 Useful Tips To Increase Google AdSense Revenue

As you know Google AdSense is the best way to earn extra income online. Many webmasters and writer have joined this program but earning very low income from AdSense. 99% of AdSense Publishers are earning less than $ 10 per month, this is the fact and every one is trying to increase their AdSense Revenue by one or another way. Many experts are in this field, are ready to open their experiences to increase the AdSense earnings. It is true that AdSense revenue can not be increase in a day or two. This requires your dedication & some time period.

During the research of AdSense Revenue increasing method, I found some simple but most useful tips, which might help you to increase your Google AdSense revenue. You can add more tips, if you have, by comments.

1. Show your Ads at top of the page
Put your block of Ads at top of the page, when ever any one visit your page, they can see the Ads easily and if some thing finds of their interest, they might click on Ads. Do not try to hide your Ads. Put one block of Ads at top left and one at bottom of article. This way you can attract attention of your visitor towards the Ads.

2. Blend the Ads with content
This the fact, that no one like to click on the matter which looks like Ads. You should have to blend your Ads with content so, it look like the part of content. What I think, people don't mind to click the Ads which are the part of content. By doing this you will increase the value of your Ads in the mind of visitors.

3. Use large rectangle
Google AdSense allows you to choose different Ads format. Mostly publisher use the leader board (728x90) or wide skyscraper (160x600) style Ads format. This format mostly look like Advertisment, any wise visitor will know at first look to your page. Try large rectangle (336x280) at top left on your page. This will increase your clicks.

4. Remove the border
If you use your AdSense Ads in a border, that will highlight the Ads but same time it shows that these are Ads and not the part of content. Your AdSense revenue will increase if you remove the border of your Ads and show it as the part of page. Don't use odd colour and fonts of Ads.

5. Don't populate your page by Ads
People will search on internet for the useful information, not for the Ads. Your first intention must, to give valuable information to your visitor. If people like your article, they will spend more time on your page and if your page look clean & neat, the Ads will highlighted very well, hence there are chances of more clicks. Put one block at top left, one at bottom left and one link Ads at bottom of post. That is more than sufficient.

There are some other technique to increase Google AdSense Revenue, but keep in mind that, these technique will produce different result from publisher to publisher. You have to be always in experimental with AdSense.


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