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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top 10 Tricks to Earn More From Adsense

Google adsense or also known as Adsense becomes popular nowadays. I am seeing lots of site with some ad serving program. And I also read lots of article proving that a webmaster can really earn when you put adsense on a site or blog. They even forget the eBay and other affiliate programs.

Google Adsense becoming one of the most popular method of placing advertisements in different sites. Putting adsense on your site is very easy. Just copy and paste the codes on your site and then wait for a couple of minutes and then you will see the advertisement. Even a full time mom can do it.

Putting adsense on your site is not enough for you to be able to earn hundreds of dollars. You also need to know the different tricks to earn in no time.

Here are the top 10 tricks that I found from the different Adsense gurus who are sharing their knowledge on how they earn cash through adsense :

1. The color of your ads is one of the trick that you should learn. Make sure that your ads color is the same as your web site palette. Instead of using frames choose the same color as your page background for the ad frame and for the ad background.

2. Avoid using those horizontal banner or leaderboard ads. Because Adsense gurus said that people are blind to those kinds of ads.

3. You can use the Google Heat map for you to know where is the best place to put the adsense on a site. Google has its own Adsense optimization tips for that.

4. Competitive keywords can trigger Adsense ads on a page. You can use a keyword research tool for you to be able to grab the most popular keywords. The more popular your keyword is the higher the adwords advertisers are willing to pay per click for it.

5. Create an ads that looks like your page.

6. Google’s link ad unit seem to have a much higher CTR or Click-Through Rate. There are different ad formats that you can use.

7. You can add some images next to your ads. Those images can draw images to your ads.

8. You can add 3 Adsense ads and 1 link unit on your page ot 1 adsense referral button plus 3 other unit. Make sure that you place those ads to the right place that for your ads not to distract the readers.

9. Focus on a particular niche. Your content that focuses on a particular niche can trigger Adwords ads that closely match the content. This will make your visitor be more interested to click on your ads.

10. Use custom Ad Channels for each of your ad placements, for example, “Top 5 Link Unit Blue Palette” or “Left Side Navigation Image Skyscraper” etc. Tweak, track and measure the success of each of these custom channels so you know what gives you the highest CTR. Some ad formats and colors will work better than others, but you won’t know which until you test, test and test some more!

Source : http://www.dailyonetrick.com/2009/05/top-10-tricks-to-earn-more-from-adsense.html
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