Learn How To Make Money with Google Adsense

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tricks To Earn Money from Adsense

Here are few adsense tricks that can help you increase you income without much investment.

Adsense Trick -1 : Check you Keyword density
Check the keyword density of your page, this will help you forecasting of ads that will be displaying on your pages. You can also adjust you pages to target particular type of ads.

Adsense Trick -2 : Update you page to target towards some ads
You can also update you page content to target some keywords.

Adsense Trick -3 : Build theme based content for better result
Make the pages of the related topic, you can use the keyword suggestion tools to achieve this.

Adsense Trick -4 : Increase you web site page count
You should write one or more pages per day to increase number of pages on you website. When you create more quality content you will start getting more visits to you web site and your income will keep on increasing.

Adsense Trick -5 : Use the best adsense ads format on your web site
Research on the ads format and then display the best ads on your pages.

Adsense Trick -6 : Use the right color combination for your ads
Use the ads color matching with your page theme.

(Source : http://www.roseindia.net/money/google/adsense-tips-tricks.shtml)


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